“The Most Effective Method to Achieve or Postpone Pregnancy-99%!!”

I was so happy to see an article online recently about natural methods of birth control.  The article explained how fertility awareness methods work in an accurate and positive way.  What was not so positive were some of the comments like, “Natural birth control is the same as…pregnant”.

It is so sad that so many women do not understand how their bodies work and that they are only fertile about a 100 HOURS a month!  The egg when released only lives 12-24 hours tops and conception can only occur for about 12 of those hours.  So- why are we fertile for longer that the 12-24 hours that the egg lives??  Well, there is a mucus that is produced by the cervix as the egg matures within the follicle inside the ovary.  The rising estrogen levels from the maturing egg cause the cervix to begin to produce this mucus when ovulation is close.  A woman can detect the appearance and presence of this mucus as easily as she can tell when she is menstruating.  Sperm can live up to 5 days in the cervical mucus produced during the fertile time of a woman’s cycle.  This cervical secretion is absolutely essential for conception to occur.  I call it the ‘white period’.

Every woman is able to tell when she is menstruating- having her ‘red period’.  She can tell the difference between a heavy flow and a light flow just by sensation.  She can even detect light spotting by solely by what she feels.  She confirms this by what she sees.  It is the same for the ‘white period’, her fertile time.  She can detect it by what she feels and what she sees.  AND if she understands the significance of it and how to act around it, a couple can plan their family VERY effectively- in fact- it is the MOST effective way to either avoid pregnancy or to achieve pregnancy because the couple knows EXACTLY when conception could occur.

In terms of avoiding pregnancy, there is NO method more effective- there is NOTHING more effective for avoiding pregnancy- NOTHING- than to not have sex when conception could actually occur.  Nothing.  With every other kind of birth control- a couple is potentially having sex when the woman is fertile.  There is no method that is 100%- not even sterilization- because the couple may be having sex when they are potentially fertile.

In terms of achieving pregnancy, the couple can use the days when it would be most advantages and when the signs most obviously indicate that ovulation is occurring.

WIth natural family planning, the times of abstinence from intercourse or genital contact during the fertile time if the couple is postponing pregnancy, gives the couple an opportunity to express love in other ways-a courtship period each month- which also creates a kind of honeymoon period each month.  Just because a couple is abstaining from sex doesn’t mean they have to abstain from hand-holding, going out to dinner, talking, playing games, going on walks etc.- all the things that would make a couple want to have sex in the first place!  I think this is the reason that couples who use fertility awareness methods (natural family planning, NFP, The Ovulation Method, etc) have sex more often.  There are studies that prove this!!  I have attached one below.

Isn’t it about time we stopped treating our fertility as some kind of disease to be medicated? Isn’t it about time we women honored our own beauty, our own fertility and our biology and worked with it instead of against it?  Isn’t it about time we expected the men in our lives to do the same?

Talk about freedom, respect, love and real women’s lib!

Published Studies on The Ovulation Method of NFP (Natural Family Planning):



“Your Body Knows… So Can YOU!!”


Your Body Knows~So Can You!

NFP-What is it and how does it work?

NFP is short for “Natural Family Planning”.  Natural Family Planning methods are based on the observation and recording of the naturally occuring and observable signs of a woman’s monthly cycle.   There are no chemicals, devices or barriers used.  Modern methods of NFP are not the rhythm method.

If a couple wants to conceive, they use the fertile days for marital intimacy.

If a couple wants to postpone pregnancy, they would abstain on fertile days.

Did you Know?

  •                       Women are only fertile about 100 hours a month?                     
  •                      A women’s body produces signs in that 100 hours that can be easily understood and interpreted?

The Ovulation Method:

A Highly Effective Method of Fertility Awareness

The Ovulation Method, developed by Doctor John Billings, is the observation and recording of cervical mucus secretions that are present around the time of ovulation in order to achieve or postpone pregnancy.

It is a natural method of understanding fertility which gives women knowledge of their own bodies. By observing the presence or absence of mucus, a woman can easily and successfully identify the fertile and infertile times of each cycle.

Three things are necessary for conception: an egg, sperm and cervical mucus.  Cervical mucus isessential for conception, without it conception cannot occur.   Because of this, the method can be used confidently by women in all stages of reproduction and does not depend on regular cycles.

The Ovulation Method is: 

  • Scientifically and Medically Proven
  • Highly Effective for Planning a Pregnancy
  • 98-99% Effective for Postponing Pregnancy
  • Easy to Learn and Follow
  • 100% Natural- No Health Risks or Side Effects
  • Works for Women with Regular or Irregular Cycles
  • Can Be Used at Every Stage of the Reproductive Cycle
  • Husband and Wife Share Responsibility for Family Planning
  • Each Cycle Treated As Unique 
  • Builds Stronger Marriages
  • Low Initial Cost-Then Yours for Life
  • Green-Does Not Harm You or the Environment

“Understanding the simple facts about the signs of fertility confers considerable power to couples to control their fertility, for achieving as well as preventing conception.

(British Medical Journal, September1993)

Please ask questions and post comments.  Also, please share with friends!  It’s about time women knew how their bodies worked and stopped putting poison into their bodies unnecessarily.  NFP really works!!


Organic Fertility

More and more people are eating organic foods because they are concerned about what they are putting in their bodies.  We have all noticed the alarming rates of cancer and other diseases and it’s just common sense that putting chemicals in your body at every turn is harmful.  It is surprising that we don;t hear more about natural birth control methods especially since their effectiveness more than rivals those of the artificial, steroidal methods.

It is a fact that the steroids in birth control pills, the patch, the Depo-Provera shots, the NUVA Ring and the IUD are carcinogenic.   In addition, there is a huge list of other side effects from stroke to blood clots to weight gain and loss of libido.

It is utterly unnecessary to take these risks when there is a natural, effective alternative with NO adverse health risks and NO unhealthy side effects- none.

There are no barriers, devices, or chemicals to ingest.  Just paying attention to what is happening in the cycle and acting accordingly.

Most of the month a woman is infertile.  There is only a small window when conception can occur and yet women are ingesting a kind of hormonal ‘poison’ everyday??  Again, a women can recognize that she is having her ‘white period’ as easily as she recognizes her ‘red period’.  Whenever I teach a class I say certain things to the women about those signs and they all look as if a light bulb went off and are so happy to FINALLY understand the meaning of something they have noticed their entire reproductive lives.  Of course it is not easy to talk about biological functions and bodily fluids in a group setting or even in this blog!

The picture below is an illustration of the red and white periods:

The ‘red’ period- the period during which we are bleeding.

The ‘white’ period– the period during which we are fertile.

Both ‘periods’ of the cycle can be easily differentiated from the rest of the cycle- by what the women sees and feels:

I am hoping to make it possible to download ebooks that cover different topics that pertain to individual situations, such as: Returning to Fertility After Childbirth, Charting in Premenopause, Trying for a Boy or a Girl, Using NFP to Conceive, Using NFP to Postpone Pregnancy.

I really do hope to make it as easy as possible for couples to transition from using harmful contraceptives to using healthy and totally organic- natural family planning.

The book “Love and Fertility” by Mercedes Arzu Wilson covers all the above topics.

“A is a beautifully illustrated full color book that introduces the Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning in an easy to understand format. Provides practical information along with the latest scientific research and statistical evaluations from around the world. Includes the 6 month charting kit.”

It can be ordered by clicking on the book image below:

The Ovulation Method

The book and chart are available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, and French.

“Fertility Checklist” ~ Simple and Practical Ideas to Boost Your Fertility

There are many variables that can affect a couple’s ability to conceive.  Some of them are quite surprising such as the amount of light in the bedroom while sleeping or stress levels.  Others factors are more obvious such as basic knowledge of our combined fertility, quality of nutrition or medications being taken.

Natural Fertility Center’s “Fertility Checklist” outlines some very useful and practical ways to boost fertility and make it more likely for conception to occur.  It is not an exhaustive checklist and is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor.  A couple should certainly seek a physician’s input before making important health decisions.

You can order the pamphlet “Fertility Checklist” by clicking on the picture below-

“Fertility Checklist” $3.00  

“Understanding the simple facts about the signs of fertility confers considerable power to couples to control their fertility, for achieving as well as preventing conception.”

(BritishMedical Journal)



A natural way to plan your family?

There is a natural and effective method of birth control!!  It is called The Ovulation Method.  I discovered it about 7 years ago and loved it so much, I became an instructor!  You can do this!  No more birth control pills, patches, shots, inserts, barriers or anything!

You can tell when you are fertile just by learning to recognize and act around certain signs your body produces when you are fertile.

Men are potentially fertile all the time and women are only fertile about 100 hours a month.  100 HOURS!!  I always thought I was fertile all month and was really surprised to find out about the 100 hours.

This method is 99% effective if you want to postpone pregnancy  (I use the word postpone because ‘avoid pregnancy’ makes pregnancy and children sound like some kind of disease you want to ‘avoid’).  ‘Postpone’ sounds much more pleasant.

This method is also the most effective method to achieve pregnancy.  It is probably the very best solution for infertility especially combined with proper nutrition.  I plan to post some links to sites that have great advice for maximizing fertility through nutrition.  I also have a pamphlet you can order that has helpful ideas for maximizing fertility for couples who want to conceive.  I’ll post that later.  This is my very first blog post and I am a busy mother 🙂

I’m really excited to have the opportunity to share this wonderful method with others.  If you have comments or questions, I’d love to read them.  More to come…